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Client and shipment management for transport

DHB is a Benelux logistics provider, which transports shipments among 7 distribution centres overnight. Its competitive advantages are fast delivery times and the shortest possible routes. DHB needed a complete solution that would enable the fast and efficient management of its clients and their shipments.





Online transport management system

To meet this goal, IDcreation developed a comprehensive online transport management system, tailored to the needs of DHB, and hosted on customer websites. The advanced web order entry and information application was purpose-built for the connected transport company that DHB is.
In the secure application, DHB clients can independently enter orders to initiate shipments. They can do this manually or by uploading bulk orders in XML or CSV files, thus saving time.


Solution Features


Web order entry application
The user-friendly transport application offers several valuable features:

  • Fast order entry and real-time status tracking for senders
  • Full sender oversight over shipments/inventory, access to shipment documentation
  • Shipment address validation via Google Maps
  • Built-in link to ADR hazard classes and labels
  • Easy printing of shipment barcodes and labels
  • Shipment tracking information sent to carriers’ own ERP systems
  • Recipient email notifications about shipment status
  • Recipients’ ability to change the delivery address without logging in
  • Automatic carrier notifications about changes in delivery address


Avantages client:


L'application créée par IDcreation fait gagner du temps, réduit les erreurs et rationalise le travail de DHB et de ses clients. Il est actuellement intégré à un système de gestion de données, bien que des systèmes ERP ou de données et des applications supplémentaires puissent être facilement connectés. Les données entre l'application web et le serveur sont échangées via le webservice.



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