Corporate identity: whether you´re the head of a multinational or a modest SME, every company has to figure out for itself exactly what it stands for. Defining this corporate identity is often self-evident, but getting it across in the right way to the outside world is a good deal less so. And yet this task is equally essential.


It’s the proverbial stamp that you put on all your communications so that not only your brochures, but also your banners, mailings, website and even your digital signature express your corporate identity.

Corporate identity



corporate identity



IDcreation crafts this corporate identity for you. All of the services we offer fall under the common denominator of identity design. Such as the correct and consistent use of a professional logo and house style. Moreover, the right colour application and the same font for all your communications play an important role. And don’t forget a carefully-considered choice of visuals in order to perfectly evoke the atmosphere of your corporate identity. Because with the right image you strike the right chord.  


You’ll see that a professional identity design makes you a stronger brand and better positions your company in the market. Because your company becomes recognisable at a single glance, and this inspires confidence, from customer to supplier.








corporate identity examples


corporate identity examples


corporate identity examples


corporate design examples


corporate design examples
corporate design examples

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