March 2024

The challenge

The Nature Working Group "De Kerkuil" vzw, a regional nature association active in the Westhoek and neighboring areas, is in need of a web application to facilitate the monitoring of nesting boxes and nest locations. This will aid in reducing paperwork and improving the efficiency of monitoring.

NatuurWerkgroep De Kerkuil


In collaboration with IDcreation, Nature Working Group De Kerkuil has developed an extensive web application with the aim of facilitating the monitoring and follow-up of a wide range of nest boxes and nest locations. These nest boxes include not only those for the Barn Owl, Little Owl, and Kestrel but also (artificial) nests for House Martins and Tree Sparrows, song perches for Yellowhammers, nest baskets for Tawny Owls, and nest locations for both Montagu's and Marsh Harriers.

By utilizing various color codes, search functions, and setting up specific working groups, it is possible to streamline and efficiently carry out the follow-up of these diverse nests and locations. Furthermore, the integration with Google Maps adds significant value to the functionality of the web application, named 'Nidus.' With this feature, users can easily visualize the geographical distribution of the nest boxes and locations, further simplifying the planning and execution of monitoring activities.

Web application features

The key components of the custom web application include:

  • Integrated Google Maps integration to clearly display the locations of the nesting boxes.
  • Project to-do lists that can be formatted and accessed.
  • Exporting various data, including projects, to Excel files.

Registered users can utilize the following functions in the application:

  • Create and consult workgroups and projects.
  • Access basic information per workgroup and request access.
  • Create own workgroups and join existing ones upon invitation or approval.
  • Manage workgroups.
  • Perform various additional actions as a coordinator.
  • ...


Integration of various search functions:

  • Search for nests within a certain radius of the specified location, using Google Maps.
  • Search function to access projects.
  • ...

NatuurWerkgroep De Kerkuil - screenshots

Customer benefits

The tailor-made web application allows members of NatuurWerkgroep De Kerkuil to significantly streamline their monitoring activities. The functionality of this application enables them to explore the geographical distribution of nest locations in Flanders through an interactive map. This grants them direct access to relevant data for each specific location and facilitates effortless data input.


The use of this advanced technology eliminates the need for cumbersome paper documentation and renders reliance on Access files or extensive Excel spreadsheets unnecessary. By inputting data directly into the web application, the monitoring process is streamlined and simplified, resulting in a more organized approach without the burden of administrative hassles.


Furthermore, the ability to view and input data on a map of Flanders offers an intuitive and visually appealing experience. This not only enhances the user-friendliness of the application but also enables members to quickly grasp the geographical context of their monitoring activities, contributing to more effective planning and execution of their tasks.


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