December 2023

Saint-Christophe is a gastronomic restaurant in the center of Kortrijk with a menu full of culinary gems.

The challenge

Creating a contemporary and innovative website for Restaurant Saint-Christophe that instantly impresses and effortlessly persuades you to make a reservation.


The solution

A custom website with:

  • A striking design
  • Various photo galleries
  • Display of the menu


The resultt

A contemporary website with a stylish appeal, featuring innovative navigation on the homepage, multiple options for adding photos, various customizable pages for the menu and other information. All presented in an attractive design on a user-friendly website.


Homepage Restaurant Saint Christophe

The new website of Restaurant Saint-Christophe features an attractive design that immediately catches the eye. The homepage has a convenient navigation with a discreet hamburger menu, allowing easy access to all pages. With just a click, you get an overview of the available sections.

Mockup Restaurant Saint-Christophe

The photo gallery on the website is a valuable addition. It provides visitors with a glimpse into the restaurant's inviting atmosphere and culinary delights. Each image tastefully communicates what Restaurant Saint-Christophe has to offer.

The menu is also designed in an innovative way, inviting exploration. Thanks to the easily adaptable CMS, the team can regularly update the menu, consistently surprising guests with seasonal delicacies and new culinary creations.


In summary, Restaurant Saint-Christophe's website opens the door to a world of culinary refinement and aesthetics, inviting visitors to discover the unique experience offered by the restaurant.

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