Integration of SAP in your website or webshop

SAP is an ERP system for keeping track of all your customers data and product data. If you use SAP as a software to store all your data, we can link this data to your webshop or to a module of your website. An SAP link is secured and reliable and saves you a lot of time
  • Customer oriented
  • A reliable solution
  • Real-time data integration
  • Flexibility
  • Time saving
  • One management
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Integrated e-commerce for SAP

Thanks to real-time integration with your SAP software, your processes all get seamlessly synchronized with your webshop. We build your user-friendly and secure webshop, which displays your products and prices in real time, read directly from your SAP account. Customer data and orders are immediately sent to SAP so that you can manage your data on one central platform.



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Export of article master data to your webshop

When integrating SAP with your webshop, the following master data can be exported: article number, EAN number, sales price, VAT rate, display price, suggested retail price, promotions, description in multiple languages, brand, linked categories, article group, photos, files,. ...

The link from SAP to your webshop is fully developed according to your wishes, customization is also possible.



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Stock management

By linking the stock of your products, the visitor of your webshop can immediately see how many pieces of a product are available. The synchronization of the stock can be executed at fixed times, or in real time, this depends entirely on your wishes. This way your webshop visitors get an optimal display of the products.



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Why choose to integrate SAP?

- Linking your articles and their features such as article number, sales price, EAN code, ...
- Real-time stock
- Easily display the related products
- Easily manage prices, discounts and promotions
- Orders are automatically forwarded to SAP


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The benefits

- A reliable solution
- Customer oriented
- Direct, real-time data integration
- No unnecessary worries about managing your internal system
- Streamlined implementation
- Flexibility




IDcreation integrates all data from SAP in a powerful e-commerce platform. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us.

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