Webshop with AFAS integration

Your webshop linked with your AFAS software

AFAS software helps organizations to automate their administrative processes. With AFAS you have control over your logistics and finances. All data such as inventory management, product management, payroll, invoicing and project management are centralized in one database. We can link these elements from AFAS to your webshop.


AFAS integration

Processes can be fully automated in AFAS. With an AFAS integration you no longer have to manually transfer data from your webshop to your accounting software. Multiple data is exchanged through the link between AFAS and your webshop. Via the integration of AFAS in your webshop, all data such as customer data and orders are automatically transferred to AFAS. AFAS is a cloud-based software that allows you to log in quickly and easily consult your most recent data.



Data integration via an AFAS link

- Automatic transfer of data

- Secure transfer of data
- Link articles to an article number
- Link article groups to an article group number
- Current stocks
- Real-time link
- Transfer without manual entry
- Transfer of orders to AFAS
- Transfer of customer data to AFAS


Manage your products and orders

You can view your products and order overview via the content management system of your webshop. Details of your products can be viewed such as name, description, price, promotion and other features. The stock of an item is also displayed.


In the order overview you will find all orders and their details.


AFAS synchronized with your webshop via an API link

Thanks to the connection of AFAS to your webshop, all your data regarding product information, stock and administration is updated in real time. Would you like to have AFAS linked to your webshop so that your can manage your administration and webshop from one platform? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities and advise you.





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