January 2023

IDcreation built a modern, fast-loading and custom online shop for Cleanline, where they could easily showcase and sell all their cleaning products.



Customer Challenge | Cleanline

Cleanline offers a complete portfolio of professional grade cleaning products for the food, beverage, and wellness sector, where maintaining HACCP standards of hygiene is essential.
Cleanline was looking for a modern, fast-loading, and mobile-responsive web solution, where they could easily showcase and sell all their cleaning products to their target audience.



IDcreation built a custom online shop for them, offering the following features:

  • Available products and stock are visible to all, while prices are only accessible to registered users
  • Products are grouped into categories, sub-categories, and lists
  • Products can be searched, filtered, sorted, and favorited 
  • Producten kunnen worden toegevoegd aan favorieten
  • Related products are displayed on each product page, encouraging cross-selling
  • A third-party chat function is available for any questions about products or ordering

The easy-to-use CMS web module allows Cleanline to efficiently:

  • Manage, modify, and delete products and pages
  • View and manage orders and customers 
  • Manage shipping costs by country, country group, postal code, or postal code region
  • Manage download and FAQ modules

Web shop customers, in turn, can:

  • Add products to the cart to request a quote (registered and unregistered users)
  • Order products online, if registered
  • Update their profiles, consult their order history, manage their carts and favorites, if registered

Solution Features


The login module of the web portal includes extended functionality:


  • Registration is open to industry customers only, thanks to the VAT number requirement
  • Web shop users can register on their own, or be added by Cleanline staff
  • Preliminary approval of registered users is required before orders can be placed
  • Admin users can add additional shoppers and set detailed rights for them, as follows:


  • allow them to add other users, setting rights for them in a similar fashion
  • limit the maximum amount they can spend
  • decide whether they can see discounted prices
  • decide whether they can add items to the cart only, or order them, as well


The data exchange module works with Cleanline’s SQL database through a secure VPN connection and is able to retrieve:


  • product category, description, attributes, individual price, and price group (including customer-specific prices available on some items)
  • products, which are currently in promotion
  • detailed information of admin users





Customer Benefits

IDcreation made it easy and efficient for Cleanline staff to sell their products, manage customer profiles and orders through the robust, easy-to-use, custom webshop they built for them.

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